Interesting Books on the Great Ice Age Missoula Flood.

The Ice Age glaciers and the great flood from Glacial Lake Missoula no more than 10,000 years ago created the canyons, coulees, waterfalls, the fertile hills, and the scablands of Washington and the Pacific Northwest..

These books are recommended.  Come see and explore.

 Many Geologists agree that there was just one flood based on the evidence.  What do you think?.

Although I do not agree with the uniformitarian assumptions that there were multiple Glacial Lake Missoula Ice Age Flood(s), the two books by Bruce Bjornstad are excellent books on the flood. However, the book Marge and Ted Mueller, "Fire, Faults & Flood" does provide evidence that there may have been at least two floods, as shown on their map, page 143, of Moses Coulee in relationship to the Ice dam .

In order for Moses Coulee to have been created the dam would have not advanced as far south

as it would have done to create the huge Grand Coulee that is now so prominent.

Photos by Charlie